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General Specifications and Requirements

*See our Truck Configurations page for additional requirements and specifications.

ULTIMA mobile bottling line is housed in a 48 foot long trailer. We require enough room to maneuver our Tractor-Trailer and a flat level area approximately 80 feet long and 12 feet wide in which to set up and bottle. In most cases we will survey the sight prior to bottling.

ULTIMA requires a dedicated circuit of either a 100 amp 3 phase 230 volt service or a 50 amp 3 phase 460 volt service.

Power must be located within 100 feet of bottling site. One of the following Winery supplied receptacles should be installed and properly wired prior to bottling.

230 Volt 100 Amp 3 Phase (Hubbell No. 4100MI9W)
460 Volt 50 Amp 3 Phase (Hubbell No. 460MI7W)
ULTIMA requires clean potable water supplied with a minimum of 30 psi and 10 gpm.

Wines must Bottle Ready upon arrival of ULTIMA. This includes polish or sterile filtration's if needed. Pad filtration in line to the truck is not permissible. Wines must be at least 58 degrees Fahrenheit to assure proper fill and prevent condensation. ULTIMA uses (3) 30 inch code 7 pre-filters and (3) 30 inch code 7 final filters to allow more overall surface area and reduced operating pressures. Filters can either be purchased by the winery at market rate or the Winery may choose to use ULTIMA's filters for a fee of $200.00. Filters offered by ULTIMA are .45 membrane, .50 nominal pre-filters and a 10 micron "bug catcher". Special order filters require 4 weeks for delivery. The Winery designated representative is responsible for verifying proper sanitation of filters and filling equipment and integrity testing of filter membranes.


Wine Hoses and Fittings:
ULTIMA uses a Model 30 Waukesha pump and provides 100 Ft. of wine hose fitted with 1 1/2 inch Tri-Clover fittings. The winery must provide any adapters necessary to connect to ULTIMA's pump and hoses. Any additional hose must also be provided by the winery. The Winery is responsible for sanitizing the pump and hoses 30 minutes prior to start of bottling.

The Winery is to designate 1 person responsible for any decisions regarding Bottling, Quality Control and Bottling Approvals. This person is responsible for wine hose sanitation and bringing wine and supplies to the truck.

The Winery is to provide 7 personnel able to perform physically demanding work.

1 Person to dump glass on the unscrambler
2 People to pack product into cases who are responsible for package appearance
1 Person to case label and date stamp cases (labeler and stamp are provided by the winery)
2 People to stack finished product on pallets (at the wineries discretion, 1 able person can stack)
1 Forklift and experienced driver
ULTIMA can supply labor when bottling at our Sonoma facility for an additional charge.

In order to facilitate adequate bottle sparging ULTIMA requires the Winery to provide 1 liquid nitrogen tank per 1500 cases to be bottled.

Quality Control:
ULTIMA's technicians are constantly monitoring equipment functions and packaging materials to insure overall package quality, however the Winery Designated Representative is responsible for insuring the overall Quality Control of the wines and packaging. The Winery Designated Representative is responsible for providing for and insuring the monitoring of O2, SO2, fill height, cork insertion, vaccum levels, proper label placement and overall package quality and accuracy on a timely and regular basis. In the event of a problem the Winery Designated Representative is responsible for communicting immediatley the situation to Ultima's staff. We believe that QC is everyones job and ask that the Winery designated representative please reinforce this belief by communicating the standards of quality to the wineries bottling staff prior to start up.

Library Wines:
ULTIMA will withhold approximately 1 bottle per hour and retain them for quality assurance purposes.

Hourly Rates:
ULTIMA will impose an hourly rate for downtimes due to winery related problems. This includes packaging materials not being provide on time, improper wine filtration, shortage of labor or any other reason regarding winery operations as they effect the bottling process. In return, ULTIMA will reimburse the winery for labor expenses incurred by the winery due to downtime caused by ULTIMA's equipment failure or personnel. ULTIMA will reimburse the winery only for bottling staff at a rate of not more than $12.50 per hour with a maximum of (4) four hours. Hourly rates will also be imposed if line speeds are reduced to less than 350 cases per hour due to package or personnel.

Schedule changes and/or Cancellation(s):
Ultima requests notice of changes in scheduling 60 days prior to scheduled bottling dates. A penalty equaling 10% of the scheduled revenues will be assessed for any cancellations received with less than 45-30 days notice prior to scheduled bottling dates. A penalty equaling 25% of the scheduled revenues will be assessed for cancellations received with less than 30 days notice prior to scheduled bottling dates. Re-scheduling notices must be received 20 days prior to scheduled bottling dates in order to avoid any cancellation penalties.

"Ultima bottling continuously goes above and beyond the call of duty to insure each run is done efficiently while keeping
wine quality the number one priority”
Brian Brakesman, Winemaker
Ledson Winery and Vineyards

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